It is a well-known fact that smoking is bad for our health, which is why it is no longer advertised in places such as women’s magazines. At one time, smoking was advertised for its health benefits, a fact that may now be surprising to many. As advances in science have continued over the years, so has our knowledge of many things, especially the best ways to be fit and healthy. Giving up smoking is a bonus to our health, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Using products such as Velo nicotine pouches can help curb some of those cravings; you can even use them while at the gym. They are easy to use, simply pop one between your gum and lip and voilĂ , your cravings will start to ease. They are handy for use at all events that ban smoking and they are very discreet.

Giving up smoking means you can increase your lung capacity, so your body can work out longer and harder, potentially getting into shape quicker. The plus side is that you are also decreasing your chances of developing asthma and other lung-related illnesses in later life. Women’s health and lifestyle magazines have top tips on how to get fit for those at all stages of their fitness journey.

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