Keeping fit is a dream for everyone, women included. And while many women start their fitness journey with a lot of excitement, they lose their morale along the way and quit. In most cases, it is because they lack a sustainable fitness plan. Yes, sustainability is the name of the game. Why? Because fitness should be a lifestyle. It should last for long without weighing heavily on you. If you’re a woman looking to walk a sustainable fitness journey, consider these tips.

Stay Hydrated

Science teaches us that about 70% of our muscles is water. That explains why hydration is critical when working out. Exercise triggers sweating, which is basically water loss. Replace body water as fast as you lose it to avoid getting dehydrated. Take water before, during, and after every fitness session.

Make Your Fitness Sessions Fun with Snus

Exercise calls for energy, so you may need something that can stimulate you a little bit to keep you going. Try Lyft snus, one of the most sought-after nicotine pouches in the UK. Snusing, unlike smoking, doesn’t tamper with your body’s ability to absorb oxygen when working out. Besides, Lyft provides a variety of snus flavours, including coffee, berry, mint, fruit, and liquorice- grab what you love.

Vary Your Program

Even if you’re a habit creature, you should shake up your fitness program to avoid boredom. Your mind is designed to fall in love with varieties. So, no matter how good something is, it will bore you if you overdo it, and that also applies to your fitness plan. Besides, switching things up injects balance into your body. Working out all your muscle groups is vital instead of just focusing on some.

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