The biggest challenge that people who are running a media outlet in today’s world is how to have a solid funding model. If you have contributors and you are spending money on content generation, then it might get frustrating when you have to keep producing the magazine. Since there are not so many fitness magazines that target women, you can source for different ways of funding if your interest is in doing fitness magazines.


Reach out to companies and organisations that have fitness or women empowerment as part of their core mandate. Ask for partnerships where they can advertise with you or support you in kind. They can also get involved in part of your fundraising activities for the magazine.

Work With Advertising Executives

Depending on the size of the fitness magazine, you may need to work with professional advertisers. Make a deliberate effort to include diversity so that as they go to sell the fitness magazine, they can attract as many potential clients. They should approach advertisers whose work embodies feminism and fitness.

Sell Subscriptions

If you have well researched and unique content, people will want to buy. Set a price that is in line with the content. Nothing too expensive, but it should also not be so cheap that you can barely pay for the bills. For a female fitness magazine to do well in the market, you must have strategies for promoting it. This includes using social media, having direct endorsements, among others.

Seeking Donations

Do not be afraid of reaching out to other people who believe in your work to ask for donations. Crowdfunding is becoming a popular way of raising money. Try it out. Alternatively, you can approach people in different fields who have in the past supported magazines and other media to ask if they can donate to the fitness magazine.

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