The world of fashion, including models, advertising and even clothing design, has long been a controversial topic for many when it comes to the images and standards portrayed by designers, models and by the entire industry as a whole.

The skinny and thin models are something which many brands have decided to rebel against and change the narrative of. Some countries have set out legal requirements in terms of how models must look and also, in how much editing can be done to photos and images. Further, some brands have taken it upon themselves, without any help from legislation or legal guidelines, to focus more on portraying real people and real bodies, which are more reflective of the average citizen. This includes choosing models with different skin colours, body types and that may break traditional stereotypes or barriers.

The level of editing on photos is something brands, and consumers, are also focusing more on; trying to promote natural beauty, and encourage consumers and individuals to have realistic standards and expectations for their bodies and images, and to work towards a society which can embrace and love their bodies.

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