There are several trends in makeup which have made their way into the forefront of the beauty world, and that have swept the planet as a whole. Some of these trends are brand new, and some are re-emerging from decades past making their official comeback. Regardless of where they came from, here are some of the trends we have seen thus far in makeup in 2019:

  • Line those eyes with colour; from orange to neon green, the resurgence of tinted eyeliner is something which has been seen a lot this year. Celebrities have been spotted at various awards shows with bright pops of colours on their eyes. The great thing about this idea is that you don’t necessarily need advanced makeup knowledge to play with these colours or to take part in this cool trend.
  • Bright lips; another big trend is more colour but on the lips. This includes bright reds, but also more unique lip colours such as oranges and even some blues. This trend differs from the ones we saw in 2018, of darker, matte shades for the lip.
  • Monochromatic; taking a taupe or gold colour and using it on your eyes, lips and face is a new trend that people are loving. It creates a cohesive and exciting look. You can do this differently; you can use one product in different areas on your face or use one tone and several different products.
  • Let those brows down; gone are the days of concealing and perfectly doing one’s eyebrows. These days, the preferred look is a brushed eyebrow, where hairs are visible and not necessarily perfectly groomed or filled in. The look is being embraced all over the world, especially in Europe.
  • Glitter! The ’80s is shining through as glitter makes a comeback. In 2019, it is much less about disco looks with a lot of glitter, and more about sparkly accents that may not look perfect, prim or proper, but rather more messy and effortless.
  • Pink, pink and pinker; pink eyeshadow has been popular this year. It is soft, romantic and natural. This helps create a look that is pretty but also sophisticated. Various shades of pink work for different people and skin type and tone.
  • Natural face; less is more in 2019, with less emphasis on the perfect contour, and more focus on and popularity with, more natural looks. This includes less coverage foundation; tinted moisturisers are becoming a popular alternative. This also includes embracing freckles, even adding more of them to your face and trying to look more natural.
  • Glowy skin; in line with the idea of natural looking skin, a healthy glow is a makeup trend that is being seen across the world. This includes a dewy and glowy look achieved by healthy skin, a good highlighter, or maybe both.

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