Feminist culture is best observed through its development in the arts for centuries. Women artists were some of the first feminist voices, using artworks to grab the attention of others, while subliminally pushing the feminist narrative into the perspective of more and more people. The work of

Faith Ringold is a prime example of how art has been an avenue for the American black female voice to be heard in different artistic mediums.

Woman on a Bridge

Feminist artist, Faith Ringold, developed a series of works in the 1960s and 1970s, entitled Woman on a Bridge. This series of story quilts functions as children’s books, and tell stories from an African American perspective. Her handmade quilts have become a valuable piece of art history because of their transformative ability to function as literature, decorative art and useful pieces. These story quilts depict the fantasies of an 8-year-old Harlem heroine Cassie Louise Lightfoot, who flew over the George Washington Bridge in a magical dream. Woman on a Bridge tells the story of an African American family using the traditional African quilting methods.

Advocacy in Story Quilts

Faith had a long history of fighting for women’s rights in America and has become a valued voice in the history of African American people in the United States. Although her narrative has been considered more valuable than the aesthetic, the overall appeal of the quilts is awe inspiring. The handmade quilting process requires an especially skilled individual and the hours of work put into these pieces is evident. Her story quilts introduce the public to the traditional methods of African quilting practices while intertwining the modern narrative of a new-age children’s story. Children need special attention and it is important to read to your kids. If you have any concerns and wish to speak with a doctor about your child’s health, click here and you can obtain more information or a prescriptions to support your child’s healthy development. Ringgold’s stories advocate for social change, and she questions the current female black heroines by depicting one of her own, with current ideals using traditional materials. As a result, her works have been made widely available, and have become an integral and dynamic part of American culture.

Communicating the Feminist Narrative

Quilting has a surprisingly spiritual history. The process was rooted in spiritual traditions, and the makers were typically all women. Communicating this traditional history to the public in such an innovative way is a form of genius. Feminist artists such as Faith Ringold are often left off the lists of famous artists. Their artworks are often misunderstood to be demonstrative of a history of violence and abuse against women, yet, these quilts are undeniably family friendly, and can be incorporated as a learning tool for many diverse groups of people, in several different environments. It is essential to make these kinds of works more widely known, to communicate the feminist perspective to as many people as possible.

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