Skincare is not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination. Taking care of our skin has been vital to us for decades. What does differ, change and evolve year after year, are the trends in terms of how we take care of our skin. Here are some of the top skincare trends in 2019:

  • More focus on skincare; this trend goes hand in hand with, and is primarily driven by, the fact that natural looks are a rising trend in makeup. To be able to achieve and attain these natural looks, people are turning to better skin care to have better skin.
  • SPF forever; a higher SPF is in greater demand as people focus more on protecting their skin. This trend in terms of sun protection is on the rise, in correlation with an increasing awareness surrounding the risks and dangers of overexposure to the sun, as well as the chance of contracting skin cancer.
  • More ethical choices; consumers continue to research and gravitate towards more ethical products, and in line with their personal values. This can, and does, include products not tested on animals, that are produced in a way that is not as harmful to the environment, that contain fewer chemicals, etc. It also appears that consumers are more willing to spend and invest in these products, and the fact that they are more expensive does not bother consumers as much,
  • Beauty supplements on the rise; this includes pills and different consumable goods with promises and properties that will help consumers improve the look, feel, strength and overall quality of their skin.
  • Leave it to the professionals; many people will turn more towards professionals, including dermatologists, doctors and other experts to help them with their skin care and with improving the quality of their skin. This is in line with the previously mentioned notion that people are willing, (and increasingly so), to invest in their skin and are making it more of a priority.
  • Ingredients matter; consumers continue to read labels and want to know exactly what is going onto their skin. This means there is a shift to products with a shorter and more simple ingredient list. This includes more natural products, as well as more organic products.

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