Fitness is an ever-evolving industry and phenomenon. People are focusing more and more on living healthy lifestyles, and on how they are achieving their health and fitness goals. For those who may not be existing fitness enthusiasts, or well versed in the endless types of exercise and the benefits of each, here are a list of the top trends this year in terms of fitness:

  • Treadmill’s redemption; despite being cast aside for new classes, workouts and trends, this year the treadmill is back and ready to whip us all into shape.
  • Not just your average HIIT workout: HIIT, or high-intensity interval training has long been a popular way to lose weight and get fit. It is undoubtedly an excellent choice for those who may get bored quickly, or who like to have short and efficient workouts. HIIT combines different high-intensity exercises in an on-off pattern to maximise the workout. This year, HIIT is being combined with things such as yoga to create powerful hybrid workouts.
  • Aerial fitness; taking classes with bars, ropes and hoops is becoming more and more popular. Aerial and gymnastic type classes are a great way to build strength and stamina, as well as flexibility and stability.
  • Busy people means shorter workouts; gone are the days of being able to spend hours at the gym, or feeling like we have to. More and more efficient and quick workout options are becoming available and accessible. This is as a result of people being busier than ever, but still prioritising their health and fitness.
  • Putting the work in a workout; more and more gyms are adding spaces and amenities dedicated to allowing patrons and gym goers to add in some work before or after their work out. This goes both ways, as employers focus more heavily on emphasising the importance of working out and staying healthy and allowing employees dedicated time to work out, providing financial incentives or having gyms in the building available to staff.

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