In addition to wearable trends in terms of all types of clothing and design, there are also some prominent and unique designs in footwear that are emerging in 2019. Some of these trends include:

  • Western boots; cowboy boots have long been popular, and a staple for many, but the direction this year puts a spin on the look, with a more 80’s style cowboy boot, which is more ankle height with different patterns, colours and accents. The looks which these boots are being worn with are also different from what we are traditionally used to, seeing as people pair the boots with soft dresses or suits and break the rules we thought we knew about cowboy boots.
  • Fun sneakers; and we don’t mean Keds or Vans or even Nike trainers. We are seeing an increasing focus and love for statement trainers. These are typically white with a platform bottom and fun shapes, accents and features.
  • Embellished and detailed heels; beyond the prom style rhinestone heel, seashells, beads and even fabric are all decorating the heels of the world. This is a great way to add something to an outfit without an overwhelming amount of colour or even height. The look is great with jeans or with your work pants; the diversity of this shoe is what attracts people to it.
  • Sporty Spice sandals; the ’90s are having a significant influence on the sandals of 2019. This includes strappy yet sporty sandals that seem to be replacing last year’s slip-on sandals that were wildly and widely popular.
  • Prints, prints and more prints; printed boots are a neutral yet bold way to add a level of depth to an outfit. Think cheetah booties or snakeskin thigh highs. There are many ways to wear and rock these prints, making them a staple pair of shoes for every season.
  • Wedge it; wedges are coming back for the spring, against many people’s wishes. The wedge has always had mixed reviews in the fashion world, but this year’s wedges are new and improved, with a casual slip-on style seeming to be at the forefront.
  • Weave; woven fabrics and materials are not just for beach cover-ups and boho shirts; woven and crochet shoes are a style that is going to be popular this spring and summer. Woven sandals are a fun accessory to wear to brunch or to the beach.

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