If you have ever read, or do read, fitness magazines or blogs, you may have been wildly impressed by the muscle definition which the athletes, models and individuals in these magazines have, and can attain, maintain and show off. If you don’t look exactly like these models, have no fear. There is a great deal which goes into these photo shoots, that you may or may not know about:

  • Carbs are no more; for at least a week before a photo shoot, models are not permitted to eat any carbohydrates and are pretty restricted in their diet overall, limited to greens with eggs and specific proteins.
  • Water, water, then no more water; models tend to consume a lot of water for the time leading up to the shoot, but then cut it out the day before. This creates a look which you may be used to seeing in magazines, with pronounced muscles and veins.
  • Skincare; tans are administered, and certain foods are consumed to keep the skin looking healthy and fit, because what is a great, muscular and toned body without great skin to go along with it?

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