With the increasing need for, and reliance on, social media and digital platforms as a way to consume news and information, it makes sense that readers and people all over the world are gravitating towards the internet to read about beauty trends, tips and information. There is an ongoing debate on the value and the place of magazines vs beauty blogs.

Firstly, comparing these two different platforms is like comparing apples and oranges, in the sense that people often turn to each of these respective platforms for various reasons. Fashion and beauty blogs tend to resonate and captivate audiences, as the bloggers are relatable, and their personality is explicitly portrayed and visible to readers and viewers. Fashion and beauty magazines are often consumed more for their content, as there does tend to be a gap between the editors, authors and the audience. The content is less about personality and more about informing and information.

Magazines are adapting to our increasingly digital society and starting to pivot and publish their content and magazines online for digital consumption and access. This helps maintain a level of competitiveness and relevancy for these magazines, in a world of hundreds of thousands of bloggers.

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