The diet and workout routine of the girls and guys which you see on the cover of, and featured in, different fitness magazines are hardcore. These people are dedicated to their health and to looking and feeling their best.

Here is a sample of what fitness magazine models eat or focus on eating:

  • Leafy greens; dark and leafy greens tend to be the richest in nutrients and often also the lowest in sugars and even calories. The nutrient-rich vegetables also tend to fill people up faster and keep them fuller longer.
  • Complex carbs; this includes things such as sweet potatoes, which are not processed, and that offer not only sufficient amounts of carbohydrates but also nutrients and vitamins. Do, however, be aware of the sauces and condiments used on, and in, these dishes and with these foods.
  • Fish; salmon and tuna are both great options for foods that are low in calories as well as fat but offer an impressive amount of protein and other vital nutrients. These are also great options because they can be enjoyed in salads, on their own, hot or cold, and offer a level of diversity.

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